Actionable Feedback Policy

At LastArcher by Palak Bhatt, we believe in the continuous evolution of our design processes, services, and overall client experience. Central to this growth mindset is the incorporation of feedback. Feedback, especially when it’s actionable, serves as a critical tool to enhance our offerings and build stronger relationships with our clientele.

This Actionable Feedback Policy outlines our approach to collecting, reviewing, and implementing feedback to consistently elevate our services.

1. Definition of Actionable Feedback

Actionable feedback is:

  • Specific and clear, detailing precisely what can be improved or changed.
  • Constructive, focusing on aspects that can be controlled or altered.
  • Relevant to the services or experiences provided by our firm.

2. How We Collect Feedback

Client Surveys: Periodically, we send out surveys to our clients, focusing on specific projects or general experiences.

Post-Project Reviews: After the completion of a project, we encourage clients to participate in a review session.

Open Channels: Clients are always welcome to reach out via email, phone, or in-person meetings to share their thoughts.

3. Reviewing Feedback

All feedback is channeled to a dedicated review team that:

  • Categorizes feedback based on urgency and relevance.
  • Prioritizes actionable items.
  • Assigns actionable feedback to respective teams for implementation or further investigation.

4. Acting on Feedback

Once feedback is deemed actionable, the following steps ensue:

  • Development of a plan or strategy to address the feedback.
  • Communication to the client, acknowledging the feedback and detailing the proposed steps.
  • Implementation of changes or improvements.
  • Follow-up with the client to ensure satisfaction.

5. Feedback Loop Closure

Every piece of feedback, once acted upon, completes a feedback loop. This involves:

  • Informing the client about the changes made in response to their feedback.
  • Seeking further comments or inputs on the changes.
  • Making necessary adjustments based on additional insights.

6. Confidentiality and Anonymity

Clients can choose to provide feedback anonymously. We guarantee the confidentiality of all feedback and ensure that it’s used exclusively for service enhancement purposes.

7. Continuous Improvement

This policy isn’t static. As we grow and evolve, we’ll revisit and refine this policy, always keeping the focus on client satisfaction and service excellence.


At Palak Bhatt’s Web Design Services, your voice matters. This Actionable Feedback Policy ensures that every piece of feedback finds its rightful place in our journey of growth and continuous improvement. Your insights drive our evolution, and together, we’ll build a partnership anchored in excellence, trust, and mutual growth.

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