Aggressive SEO Plan A


  • High-quality guest posting on authoritative sites
    • Content creation by professional writers
    • Outreach to sites with high DA
  • Broken link building and reclaiming unlinked mentions
    • Identification of relevant broken links
    • Creation of replacement content
  • Influencer outreach for content promotion and backlinks
    • Identification and engagement with niche influencers
    • Coordinated content sharing and promotions
  • Creation and promotion of infographics and videos
    • Custom-designed infographics
    • High-quality video production for engagement
  • Targeted social media campaigns to boost content visibility
    • Strategic content distribution on major platforms
    • Engagement and community building activities
  • Optimizing Google My Business listing
    • Comprehensive optimization for local search visibility
    • Regular posting and review management

50,000 INR per Month

Aggressive SEO Plan B


  • Targeted guest posting on relevant sites
    • Outreach to industry-specific blogs and websites
    • Content creation tailored to each platform’s audience
  • Participation in industry forums and comment sections for visibility
    • Active engagement in relevant discussions
    • Link back to valuable content on your site where appropriate
  • Collaboration with mid-tier influencers for content sharing
    • Partnership development with influencers in relevant niches
    • Content promotion through influencer networks
  • Development and promotion of shareable content (e.g., blog posts, guides)
    • Creation of engaging, informative content designed to be shared
    • Utilization of social media and email marketing for content distribution
  • Enhanced social media activity and promotion
    • Regular updates and posts to maintain visibility
    • Engagement strategies to grow followers and drive traffic
  • Google My Business optimization
    • Profile optimization for maximum impact
    • Consistent updates and engagement with customer reviews

35,000 INR per Month

Aggressive SEO Plan C


  • Guest blogging on niche-specific sites
    • Identifying and targeting niche-specific blogs for guest posting
    • Creating valuable, niche-relevant content to generate interest and traffic
  • Active participation in relevant online communities for backlinks
    • Engaging in forums and discussion groups related to your niche
    • Sharing expertise and linking back to relevant content on your site
  • Engagement with upcoming influencers for product mentions
    • Collaborating with rising stars in your industry for mutual promotion
    • Leveraging social media and personal networks for broader content reach
  • Creation of high-engagement content for external publishing
    • Developing content that resonates with external audiences for guest posts
    • Strategizing content to spark interest and drive traffic back to your site
  • Basic social media campaigns to increase brand visibility
    • Curating content and campaigns suited for each social platform
    • Implementing a consistent posting schedule to maintain engagement
  • Basic optimization of Google My Business
    • Ensuring accurate and comprehensive business information
    • Regular updates and interactions with customer queries and reviews

25,000 INR per Month

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